Adjunct Professor


Adjunct Professor of History

Kaitlyn Weldon is an Adjunct Professor of History at Rose State College. She has taught in-person, FLEX, and online classes. A FLEX class consists of teaching in-person and on Zoom at the same time. You have students in the classroom and virtually on Zoom.

Weldon created powerpoint slides, fill-in note sheets, lecture videos, and student resources to help students succeed in her classes.

She has experience using Canvas and Oasis Learning Management Systems.


Rose State College

Project Duration:

August 2021 to present

Project Timeline:


Courses Taught

HIST 1493: US History from 1877 to the Present

Guest Lectures

HIST 2133: Women’s History – lectured on Women in the American West (October 21, 2021)

HIST 2213: Russian History – lectured on Stalin’s Role in the Revolution (October 21, 2021)

Slide Examples

Kaitlyn likes to begin class with a slide of newspaper headlines that the students read out loud. Newspapers were considered the social media of the day and it helps students to connect with the material when framing it this way. Weldon then asks the students what these headlines might mean and how they might connect to the daily lecture. Below are a handful of slides that Weldon uses when teaching her class.

Student Resources

Student Resources Page – The Active Historian Blog Posts

US History 1877 to the Present Lectures | Lectures based on American Yawp: Volume II textbook, Eric Foner’s Give Me Liberty textbook (2018 Oklahoma State University edition), & lecture notes taken while I was a GTA for Dr. James Huston, Dr. Jared Eberle, Dr. Michael Logan, and Dr. Sarah Foss at Oklahoma State University.

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