Interviews & Podcast Appearances

Kaitlyn Weldon has appeared on several podcasts and a couple of history lives on Instagram. Please enjoy this sampling of appearances that can be found on YouTube or whatever platform you listen to your podcasts on!


“History Behind the Page with Kaitlyn the Active Historian,” The History Chick 1941, April 14, 2022.

Podcast Appearances

“Debate Club: Should museums give back what they have taken in the past?,” The History Emporium and Pals Podcast, July 6, 2021. 

“Female Missionaries, Native American Rights, and 19th Century American Midwest with Kaitlyn Weldon,” History With Jackson podcast, June 30, 2021. (Video Recording)

Jackson van Uden, Founder & Host – History With Jackson Podcast

“Kaitlyn is a fantastic historian! Her work is well researched, thorough, and informative. I have learnt so much from her and her work. She is a great speaker and was a fantastic guest on the History with Jackson Podcast. If you are looking for a talented historian, researcher and speaker Kaitlyn is the right person! I would whole heartedly recommend her!”

“Famous Women in Ancient History – Enheduanna & Taputti,” Episode 116, Fan of History podcast, February 2, 2021.

Bernie Maopolski, Host – Fan of History Podcast

“Kaitlyn is a high energy person with a can-do attitude! She signed on as an “intern” to our podcast Fan of History and I soon learned how lucky I was to have her on board. She sends me research at blazing speed with high accuracy. And best of all I found out she didn’t actually need to do an internship for school but was doing this to expand her knowledge and skills and would work with me for more than just a semester! Recently she agreed to record a podcast with me. Right before we recorded – I mean just a minute before – I realized she was very nervous to do it. Now you have to realize, this is just for “fun” – there’s no reason she had to do something uncomfortable like this. But not only did she jump in and do it, not only did she do a great job, but we had to re-record the whole thing because of an audio problem a few weeks later! My point is she didn’t need to do this but she was pushing herself to grow. I’ve spent many years in business and volunteer work and you come to know when you have a talented individual, with a great attitude that you can depend on. Kaitlyn is one of those rare finds.”

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