LASSO Center – Oklahoma State University


Weldon created a social media strategy for the LASSO Center social media pages. She was in charge of this project for June-July 2022 while students were gone for the summer. She created posts that advertised LASSO services as well as tips and tricks for studying. The LASSO Instagram page saw over 200% growth in 2 months and engagement increased exponentially.

Additionally, Weldon created free resources for students to download from the LASSO website. She developed multiple note taking templates (Cornell, bullet, concept mapping, and blank note sheets). She also completely redesigned and updated all existing LASSO handouts.

Weldon also learned how to create LASSO GIFs!

Weldon also created a video for First Year Seminar classes that explains LASSO services and worked as a liaison to help create publicity slides. (*Weldon can send a link to the First Year Seminar Video if you are interested!)


LASSO Center at Oklahoma State University

Project Duration:


Project Timeline:

June 2022 – October 2022

Free Student Handout Examples

Link to all LASSO handouts –

Free Downloadable Note Templates

Worksheet Examples

Social Media Post Examples

Weldon created and managed the social media strategy for the LASSO Center for June and July 2022. The LASSO Instagram went from 115 to 440 followers and reach per post grew exponentially.

Top 6 IG Posts

  • 8 Steps to Writing a Great Research Paper – 44 saves / 44 likes
  • Tips for Emailing a Professor – 24 saves / 73 likes
  • How to Build Confidence for Presentations – 14 saves / 41 likes
  • How to Get the Most Out of Office Hours – 14 saves /
  • Study Tips: US History Exams – 10 saves / 45 likes
  • Tips for the Fall 2022 Semester – 8 saves / 36 likes

Top 6 IG Reels

  • Bibliography Hack in Word – 25 saves / 46 likes
  • Glossary for Vocabulary Words – 12 saves / 56 likes
  • Planner for Managing Time – 7 saves / 40 likes
  • 3 LASSO Services – 5 saves / 36 likes
  • Campus Video – 5 saves / 59 likes
  • Campus Video – 5 saves / 56 likes
Exam Studying Tip – Use the Glossary in the back of the book to help with vocabulary words!
Bibliography Hack in Microsoft Word – Organize Your Entire Bibliography by clicking a single button!

Weldon also regularly posted on the LASSO Twitter and Facebook pages. She launched a LASSO TikTok account and regularly posted on that platform as well.

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