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Kaitlyn Weldon began The Active Historian blog while completing her master’s degree in history at Oklahoma State University in June 2020. She began with an Instagram account and a passion for sharing her research. Weldon soon discovered the word limit on Instagram posts would be a problem though…

In January 2021, Weldon decided to take the next step and launched this website and blog which allows her to write longer blog posts about museums, history, and tips for college students. She has a passion for helping people understand the importance of history!

Weldon works as an Adjunct Professor of History teaching US History from 1865 to the Present. She created slides and YouTube video lectures for her class so students could stay up to date during the pandemic if they had to miss class. Additionally, she has created a web page with blog posts to help students understand how to pass history class and how to be successful in college.

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Through the Active Historian Instagram page, Weldon has been able to connect with historians from across the world on various projects. She has appeared on multiple podcasts to talk about her research and has collaborated on other projects.

Weldon is excited to continue learning from colleagues through this platform and creating content to help people understand the importance and value of history.

Weldon completed the Google Digital Marketing & E-Commerce Certificate in August 2022.


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