The Remedial Herstory Project


Social Media Manager & Board Member

Kaitlyn Weldon was the volunteer Social Media Manger for the Remedial Herstory Project for 8 months. She researched, wrote, and created posts about women in United States and World history for Instagram and Facebook.

Additionally, Weldon served on the board for the Remedial Herstory Project and helped draft a few grants.

Kelsie Brook Eckert, Founder and President of The Remedial Herstory Project said the following about working with Weldon,

“Weldon is a pleasure to work with! She is game for any challenge and dedicated to the cause. She hits the ground running and brings excellent ideas to collaborations. I’m not sure where we would be without her!”


The Remedial Herstory Project

Project Duration:

8 Months

Project Timeline:

December 2020-July2 2021

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