OSU ROTC Thatcher Hall Air Park: Stillwater, OK

Hey Friend! Welcome back to another post! Today, we are talking about the OSU ROTC Thatcher Hall Air Park at Oklahoma State University in Stillwater, Oklahoma. Thatcher Hall is home to the Air Force and Army ROTC. The park contains old military equipment and an old plane! The park is free to walk around andContinue reading “OSU ROTC Thatcher Hall Air Park: Stillwater, OK”

Oklahoma State Game Day Outfits: Football Edition

I LOVE football season, y’all! I love the stadium, the energy, cheering for my team, and everything else that goes with it! I especially love dressing up for games. Today, I am giving you several outfit ideas for an Oklahoma State football game! This will mostly be for the ladies, but one of my guyContinue reading “Oklahoma State Game Day Outfits: Football Edition”

Stillwater Museum of History at the Sheerar: Stillwater, OK

The Stillwater Museum of History at the Sheerar is a local history museum in Stillwater, Oklahoma. Their goal is to preserve Stillwater and Payne County history from Oklahoma Territory days to the present. *All photos were taken at the Stillwater Museum of History at the Sheerar in Stillwater, Oklahoma. Museum History The Stillwater History MuseumContinue reading “Stillwater Museum of History at the Sheerar: Stillwater, OK”

National Wrestling Hall of Fame: Stillwater, OK

The National Wrestling Hall of Fame is located in Stillwater, Oklahoma. It sits on the Northeast end of the Oklahoma State University campus! I didn’t learn about this museum until I moved to Stillwater for college. My first visit was during spring break of my junior year – I had been in town for aContinue reading “National Wrestling Hall of Fame: Stillwater, OK”