Hey there! I am Kaitlyn Weldon (she/her) – a freelance writer and independent historian specializing in American History. Women’s History and the America West are my passions, but I love learning in general.

On my platform you will find history tips, book reviews, museum adventures, and other fun history-related things! My mission is to make history fun, relatable, and accessible to all.

But I do more than just history – I consult on projects as a freelance writer, research assistant, and content creator. I have worked with brands like Ranker Weird History, DoYouRemember?, and The Remedial Herstory Project. I have also consulted on individual research projects for book manuscripts, podcasts, and social media content. Interested in viewing a selection of my work? Click here to view my portfolio!

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Guthrie National Bank Building: Guthrie, OK

Hey friend! Welcome back to another post! Today, we’re talking about the Guthrie National Bank building in Guthrie, Oklahoma. Currently, this building houses the Bancfirst location in Guthrie. Let’s get […]

Historic Tuton Pharmacy Building: Arcadia, OK

Hey friend – welcome back to another post! Today, we’re talking about the Historic Tuton Pharmacy Building in Arcadia, Oklahoma. This charming building measures 25 by 70 feet and holds […]

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