Pops: Arcadia, OK

Hey, y’all today we’re going to take a little trip down Route 66! I’m going to take you to Pops in Arcadia, Oklahoma. The Round Barn is less than a minute away from Pops – so you can easily hit both spots in the same afternoon! Check out my article on the Round Barn here!

This iconic place is open 7 days a week – minus a few holidays – so you can literally check this place out any time! You can gas up your car, head inside to the old-fashioned diner for a delicious hamburger, and then pick out a unique bottle of soda!

History of Pops

The Pops restaurant opened in 2007. The establishment was owned by Aubrey McClendon, a late oil and gas magnate from Oklahoma. The building was designed by Elliot + Associates architects – a noted architecture firm. The building’s architecture has a ultra-modern look! Their design for the Pops location has won them many awards. 

Pops opened a second location in 2016 in Nichols Hills. It was very much like the first location with its hip and modern design. Unfortunately, the second location didn’t last too long and closed down in December 2018. 

Dirt Soda?!

Pops boasts over 600 kinds of soda – so there will definitely be something for everyone. They have the classics that everyone loves, but then there’s also flavors like Ranch and Dirt. Try them if you’re brave enough! My parents always told me and my sister to not eat the dirt… 

Photo Time!

Make sure to head outside for a photo op with the gigantic bottle! The iconic soda bottle in front of Pops is 66 feet tall and it weighs in at 4 tons. The bottle’s height of 66 feet is a nod to Route 66 which it sits on. The soda bottle can be seen for miles on the prairies of Oklahoma. It even lights up with LED lights after sunset and has the old neon look that Route 66 has become known for. It is truly a spectacular light show! 

Travel Tip: Make sure to check the giant bottle out both during the day and after it gets dark! It’s really cool to take photos both during the day and night! See examples below!  

Concluding Thoughts

This fun place embodies the spirit of Route 66 being free-wheeling, colorful, and most importantly – fun! I don’t know about you, but all this talking has me thirsty… I’m gonna go grab a soda. 

Happy Traveling! I’ll talk to ya soon! 🙂


660 W. Highway 66

Arcadia, OK 73007

Phone: 405-927-7677

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