Oklahoma State Game Day Outfits: Football Edition

I LOVE football season, y’all! I love the stadium, the energy, cheering for my team, and everything else that goes with it! I especially love dressing up for games. Today, I am giving you several outfit ideas for an Oklahoma State football game! This will mostly be for the ladies, but one of my guy friends makes an appearance in some photos, so you can take some inspiration from him! Let’s get started!

First, for an Oklahoma State football game, there is never such a thing as “too much orange.” The more orange, the better! Go Pokes!

“I’ve got friends in lowwww places”

Is there anything more ‘Oklahoma State’ than singing ‘Friends in Low Places’ at a football game?! Thank you, Garth Brooks! I love seeing my friends at the games! Always try to take pictures with your friends! You’ll be thankful for the memories later 🙂


I recommend finding some cute orange jewelry (i.e. bracelets, earrings, necklaces, rings, etc.) The orange necklace below is a single strand of beads and can be styled in many different ways! For my Oklahoma State girls, I found the orange beads in the Student Union store, but I’ve seen them at other boutiques in Stillwater.

I have recently gotten into the button trend! Several of the boutiques in Stillwater and OKC have Oklahoma State buttons! I got mine from Wooden Nickel in Stillwater, but I’ve seen several other boutiques advertising buttons on their Instagram pages.

Orange and black hats are perfect for keeping the sun off of your face, just make sure not to lose it in the Oklahoma wind… “OOOOk-lahoma, where the wind comes sweepin’ down the plain.” You can wear a baseball hat, bucket hat, or western fashion hat – the possibilities are endless!

Finally, cute purses can complete an outfit. Purses from Walmart or Target are perfect for tailgating! They’re cheap and cute!

Travel Tip: You can only take clear purses into Boone Pickens Stadium now – so keep that in mind if you’re going to the game! If you like a good bargain (like me), wait until after football season is over and then buy a clear purse! You’ll save lots of $$$! I saved $40 on my clear purse!


I love layering basic, solid-colored pieces when picking out an outfit. I also love adding an unexpected texture to pieces when I can. The orange skirt above is faux leather and so much fun – I found it at the Student Union store! Black leather skirts are also super cute with an Oklahoma State t-shirt.

I love a solid color dress – black, orange, white, cream, or denim. Add some cute accessories and you’re set! Just make sure that it’s not a super windy day… I know that’s hard to find in Oklahoma (LOL).

You can never go wrong with an Oklahoma State t-shirt! There are several opportunities for students to get free shirts on campus, but if you’ve graduated (like me) make sure to stop by the thrift stores in town to save money on t-shirts. You can cut them into crop tops if you’d like to! All of the boutiques also have t-shirts, but they can be a little bit expensive… Again, wait until after football season for those t-shirts to go on sale!

Don’t forget about Oklahoma State jerseys! You can wear a football jersey, basketball jersey, or baseball jersey. This is a fun way to change up your look. You can find jerseys online, Walmart in Stillwater, the Student Union store, or TJ Maxx. My friend and I found Nike Oklahoma State jerseys at the TJ Maxx in Stillwater for $30 which is CRAZY! Make sure to check TJ Maxx out!


If you know me, then you know that I LOVE shoes. I’m short, so the orange platforms (above) were perfect for me! I found them at Target, but I’ve seen similar shoes on Amazon.

Cowboy boots are ALWAYS acceptable! You’ve always got be prepared to ‘boot scootin boogie!’

I also love a good bargain when shoe shopping! I found the black over-the-knee boots at the Crazy Days Sale in Stillwater. Every Summer, Stillwater hosts a several-day sale event across town and lots of boutiques participate. The black boots were originally like $80 and I got them for $15 – heck yeah!

OK State Homecoming Outfit Ideas!

Who doesn’t love Homecoming at Oklahoma State?! It’s a big deal every year and it’s going to be even bigger this year (2021) because we’re celebrating the Homecoming Centennial! You’ll definitely want to start preparing your outfits now. Yes, outfits, there are so many different events that you can attend!

First, you’ll want to find an outfit for the orange fountain dyeing! I recommend going casual! I typically wear jeans/shorts and a cute shirt. Guys, you’ll want to wear a t-shirt or polo like my friend below! After the orange dye completely colors the water orange, you can come back and take more pictures later.

Photo Tip: You can NEVER go wrong with a classic cowboy boot picture at Oklahoma State University. You don’t have boots? That’s ok! Wear whatever makes you happy and shows that you’re “loyal and true!”

OK State Walk Around Outfit Inspo!

Walk Around is another OSU Homecoming tradition. You basically walk through all of the decs that the Sorority and Fraternities build. You can see an example pictured below. Those decs are made out of chicken wire and tissue paper! Some even move! They’re pretty impressive!

Tip: “Pomping” is where take the tissue paper and stick it into the chicken wire. The Greek community on campus will talk about this for months…

Cold Weather Game Day Outfits!

Cold weather games happen toward the end of football season in Oklahoma. My best tip is to layer up – you might be hot at the beginning of the game, but you’ll be thankful by the end to have those layers! Always put a pair of gloves in your pocket!

Denim jackets are another closet staple for cold games! Make sure to grab an Oklahoma State button and pin it on the front! Fringe jackets are also so, so cute!

Beanies and ear bands will save you when the games get cold! My sister and I got these ear bands at Kohls in Oklahoma City! But you can find them online as well on other websites!

Don’t Forget the Face Stickers!

Face stickers are another fun way to change up your game day look! You can go small and basic – like the stickers below or they make bigger stickers. If you’re dedicated, you can even paint your whole face orange and sit with the Paddle People!

Concluding Thoughts

I LOVE football season! I hope these outfits inspire you to create your own perfect game day look! Get loud and go cheer on the Oklahoma State Cowboys! Go Pokes!

I’ll talk to ya soon! 🙂

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